Judy Rees Clean Language
Judy Rees and Igor Ledochowski

A Hypnotist's Metaphor Masterclass

Discover the hidden hypnotic past of Clean - and the best way to use Clean Language for yourself

Judy Rees and Olaf Lewitz

Clean Language For Agile Coaches

Clean Language can be a magic wand to conjure creative, inspiring conversations and create a system where feedback, learning and development are inevitable

James Tripp and Judy Rees

Clean Language For Hypnotists: The Bootleg Tapes

Judy Rees

The Mind Readers' Guide To Metaphor

Learn how to spot those mysterious metaphors - six per average minute!

Judy Rees

Space Craft: Clean Language and Clean Space Demonstrations

Watch how Clean Language works with embodiment and psycho-geography in these change demonstrations

Judy Rees

Clean Language Essentials For Coaches

How you, as a coach, can power up your results today by using Clean Language