Practical Clean Language Inner Circle

Practical Clean Language Inner Circle

Metaphor Mastery Worldwide | taught by Judy Rees

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This group is no longer open to new joiners. For more information, please contact me

If you've spent time and money on learning Practical Clean Language. Don't waste it by letting your skills slide!

Connect with the Practical Clean Language Inner Circle to get:

  • Regular practice with committed people all over the world, developing your listening and directing-attention muscles to a higher level 
  • Bounce ideas around in our private Facebook group
  • Exclusive monthly group video call with Judy Rees (and occasional guest speakers). Dates and times vary, but we normally meet in the UK evening, on a weekday.
  • Access to the full library of recordings of our video meetups - since 2014!
  • Early access to new projects - normally with a very special offer.
  • Opportunities to suggest and lead your own initiatives within the group.

It's a place to develop deep connections with fellow enthusiasts. Several members have now co-trained at events alongside Judy.

This group is not for complete beginners, but enthusiasm for Clean Language and for learning and growth is more important than length of practice.

Judy Rees
Judy Rees

Judy Rees is the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds and has been teaching and using Clean Language for more than 12 years.  You can learn more on her blog, and sign up for her LinkLetter, at

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by Jane Lincoln