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Metaphor Mastery

Practical Clean Language For Real-Life Change Agents | Judy Rees

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Curious about Clean Language - but unclear about how to make it work for you in the real world? In this programme you'll learn alongside people from all walks of life who, like you, are fascinated by people: what makes them tick, and how they can be helped to transform.

Includes access to a worldwide community of more than 450 learners offering opportunities for practice and inspiration.

What coaches say about Metaphor Mastery

  • “Do you want to take a course that I guarantee will change your life for the better? Do this. I cannot recommend it highly enough!” SW

  • "Having paid for many coaching classes - and been shocked by the asking price of others - I am impressed at how you have chosen to keep this incredible training series very affordable. In so doing, you have opened up a huge world of discovery, friends, fun and skills to help others (as well as myself), for which I am eternally grateful." FG

  • "The best course in my life! In Metaphor Mastery Judy Rees combines group learning sessions and an amazing online community to practice in. She gives out an abundance of rich material both for gathering knowledge and practicing skills." PM

Techniques... Tips... Heuristics... Models... Guidelines... Systems...


  • The Lazy Jedi questions
  • Switching attention purposefully
  • The Target Model
  • The Dark Side process
  • How to work with metaphors of movement, space and the body
  • Head, Heart and Gut technique
  • Handling metaphors for emotions
  • The Maturing Changes process
  • The PRO technique
  • Unsticking techniques
  • Unravelling binds & double binds
  • The Persuasion Paradox
  • The Change Agents' Framework
  • How to make changes stick
  • How make clients value you!

Judy Rees
Judy Rees

Judy Rees has been training and facilitating remotely for more than ten years. She cut her teeth teaching an embodied coaching methodology over the phone: more recently she's run 12-hour worldwide Open Space unconferences via video call.

She's now taught scores of great-in-the-room coaches, facilitator and trainers to take their skills online.

You can learn more on her blog at

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by Jane Lincoln

by Jane Lincoln